JULY 2023

Curtinhas section brings back Curtas' most energetic and entertaining films. Three competitions for different age groups, M/3, M/6, and M/9, will be seen and carefully evaluated by an attentive jury children between 8 and 12 years old. But Curtinhas section isn't just about films; children and families can also participate in the workshops we offer - fun workshops around this year's theme, Magical Forest.


Don't miss our schedule for the youngest visit the official website.

01 Camara Municipal Vila do Conde
02 Create Europe Media
03 República Portuguesa Cultura
04 Instituto do cinema e do audiovisual
05 Associação Comercial do Porto
06 Staetdler
07 Vaca que Ri
08 JB comércio
10 Estrelas & Ouriços
11 Happy kids
11 Pumpkin
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