My Generation: 2023 edition




My Generation: 2023 edition

My Generation is a section programmed by young teenagers and aimed at new audiences. It is the result of a partnership between four secondary schools in the region and ESMAD - Escola Superior de Media Artes e Design / Politécnico do Porto, based in Vila do Conde.

The selection methodology is similar to that of the other competitions, but the members of the committee are chosen from among students from the secondary schools and the university. They are also responsible for various organisational aspects, such as graphic design, selecting the films and preparing texts and synopses.

My Generation presents 2 sessions of short films that offer a comprehensive look at contemporary society. A diverse selection that tackles themes such as youth, confrontation with the world and gender conservatism.

The My Generation Prize, sponsored by Auto-Bemguiados, is awarded by the public, by filling in the voting form at the Turma Curtas - 1st Film Festival for Schools sessions, which took place in May, and at the 31st Curtas Vila do Conde, in July.

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21:45 | My Generation 1

Open-air cinema / Pátio da Solar - Cinematic Art Gallery


21:45 | My Generation 2

Open Air Cinema / Manor House Courtyard - Cinematic Art Gallery

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